How XaaS Looks Like in an Enterprise Setting

November 25, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Everything as a service (XaaS) integrated all IT services to a single cloud platform. XaaS providers offer infrastructure, software, storage, and containers, but its appearance differs from one company to another.

In General Motors, XaaS is packaged in a solution called Maxis. The system helps the GM strategize on its marketing, pricing, forecasting, sales, safety, and contact center. Meanwhile, Cushman and Wakefield uses XaaS to match commercial real estate firms with startups, universities, and vendors to foster growth and innovation.

It is possible to generate exponential revenue with XaaS because it can be integrated to all processes. XaaS streamlines business processes, engage employees and clients, and generate value for business models. It also provides information and business intelligence for informed decision-making. – Rub Valdez

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