Some Misconceptions About Business Intelligence

November 25, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

“Around 10 percent of companies will have profitable departments focused on “productizing and commercializing the data” they collect by 2020, says Medium.” 

With the burst of a digital world, companies restructure their organizational chart and include departments that are concerned with processing data. Data in itself is powerless unless converted into useful information. With this thought in mind, companies are creating key positions that were not there before such as a Data Scientist.

Data can be utilized to be productive and commercialized. However, the article highlights that most people confuse Business Intelligence with Big Data. Medium states, “Business Intelligence helps find answers to questions you know. Big Data helps you find the questions you don’t know you want to ask.” Thus, business intelligence will work better if big data is utilized. -Lornajane Altura


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